How it works

You have two paths: create a Pool or join an existing Pool.

To create a Pool

  1. Go to the RockPool main page and click “Create a Pool”;

  2. Then choose an NFT on OpenSea (ERC721) listed at a fixed price, paste the NFT URL in the indicated field, and click on “Start a Pool” (of course, do not forget to connect to your wallet);

  3. Choose your RockPool parameters. If your Pool is private, you will also need to define the curator fee percentage – this is a fee, on the NFT value, that the Pool creator will receive after completing the NFT purchase through the platform;

  4. Don't forget to Claim your fractions as soon as the Pool is finished, that is, it reaches the required amount.

Once the NFT is purchased, it is fractionalized using the Auction method and re-registered in our marketplace for a higher Reserve Price. You must define the Auction Price Multiplier as a parameter to be applied to the current NFT price to set the Reserve Price (the minimum amount needed to buy the entire NFT) after the fractionalization.

To join a Pool:

  1. Click “Join Pools” on the RockPool main page;

  2. Choose the NFT you want in the "Hot Pools" tab and define the value you want to join;

  3. Complete the Claim process of your fractions once the Pool is finished.

After the contract buys the NFT from OpenSea, it sends the NFT to the fractionalizer contract, which holds the NFT and issues ERC20 fractions to be “claimed” by Pool participants. Thus, the NFT is “locked” in the Smart Contract and can only be completely withdrawn upon payment of the Exit Price or with 100% ownership of the fractions.

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