Private Offering

Private Offering is a process outside our ecosystem and it is another possibility the user has for monetization. This process can be done by selling or distributing their Fractions in a private way at a fixed price.

Private Offering is an interesting way to raise some initial funds by selling a portion of your Fractions. However, selling them only in a private way does not allow the user to participate in all the benefits promoted by the NFTFY Ecosystem. In order to be eligible to participate in our rewards, airdrops, and liquidity mining mechanisms, the user must create a Balancer Pool containing Fractions and $NFTFY.

In that way, an interesting possibility would be to sell part of them at a fixed price, keep another portion for yourself, and the remaining Fractions can be used to create a Liquidity Pool on the Balancer to provide liquidity to this whole new market. This is just a possibility among others that you will find out!

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