Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools

After the Fractionalization process, the user can make either a Private or Public Offering using their new ERC20s. In the Private Offering, the Fractions can be sold at a fixed price in a private way. In the Public Offering, the user can create a Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) using Balancer to provide liquidity to these Fractions. In these LBPs, any other token can be used as collateral for the Fractions. However, it is recommended that everyone uses $NFTFY to participate in the incentives of the ecosystem.

Once the LBP is created, everyone will be able to buy and sell these Fractions in our Marketplace, with their price defined by the open market. Each Fraction will have a maximum price related to the Exit Price previously set by the user in the Fractionalization process. With that being said, the ideal scenario expected is that these Fractions should be traded in the open market with their value below the Exit Price per Fraction.

In that way, NFTFY allows everyone to launch their ERC20s in the open market with liquidity. creating a whole new market of possibilities involving other DeFi applications.

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