How it works

Crowdpad is a permissionless tool where users can put their NFTs up for sale so that multiple buyers can buy collectively.

To list your NFT on Crowdpad, the user needs to fill in some information, such as:

  1. Name of the future fractions

  2. Symbol of the future fractions

  3. Target Price (which is the price the user wants to sell their NFT)

After that, anyone can enter with some participation in this NFT that is for sale. When the Target Price is reached, a timer will be started. This timer allows more people to participate in the crowdfunding, increasing the Target Price.

And at the end of the timer, the NFT will be fractionalized and re-listed in our marketplace at a price higher than the Target Price. From that moment on, all people who contributed to the purchase will be able to Claim their respective fractions.

One detail is that the NFT owner can finish the sale even before reaching the Target Price, accepting the offer with the amount that was accumulated in the vault.

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