Nftfy is a permissionless Decentralized Application (DApp) that fractionalizes Non-Fungible Tokens, generating ERC20-compliant fractions fully backed by the NFTs. Our protocol was designed to solve the main problems in the NFT ecosystem, including the low liquidity, investment risk, and monetization of assets.
The lack of liquidity is one of the reasons for limiting the presence of more investors in the NFT ecosystem, and considering the high subjectivity of these assets, anyone could face the risk of buying an expensive item that could be worth much less in the next few days. In that way, NFTs are worth as much as someone is willing to pay for them – which can be a huge amount or almost nothing.
Nftfy's main objective is to allow everyone to launch their own ERC20s with liquidity in the open market. It brings many benefits to the NFT minters, collectors and speculators, by promoting instant liquidity and pricing for the NFTs, fair price, portfolio variety, and a new market of possibilities with other DeFi applications. In that way, Nftfy provides the collective ownership of the NFTs and brings liquidity allied with game theory into the NFT and DeFi ecosystem.
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